Eager to Please, Empowered by Technology

We enable your business to succeed as opposed to simply looking for something that fits.

Headquartered in Reno, NV, inLumon delivers technology services and accelerates growth for clients by solving complex business challenges with breakthrough technical innovations and an easy to use, integrated, scalable and customizable solution.

inLumon provides certainty and reliability to its clients as their IT services, consulting and business solutions partner. Our effective blend of revolutionary spirit, technical expertise; incisive business perspectives and creative skill sets help ascertain the value of Information Technology. With our deep hands-on experience with Licensing, Permitting Systems, we are a low risk and qualified vendor for a growing number of Licensing Boards, Commissions and Agencies in multiple jurisdictions.

After all, experience and industry knowledge make a difference in interpreting and meeting requirements, and inLumon always focuses on your business first while assessing the long-term implications of the technology we design, develop, and implement for our clients' benefit.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at inLumon is to provide superior level of service to all our customers and our vision is to excel and emerge as a clear winner.

The innovative spirit, unmatched management expertise and premeditated global alliances of the company are the key to our mission's accomplishment. Our constant endeavor is to better ourselves by continually adding value to the solution and establish ourselves as a leader by offering innovative and reputed products, unmatched in quality and timely deliverance while standing firm on professional veracity.

For the fulfillment of our vision, we have engaged a broad spectrum of latest and advanced technology which empowers the workforce and is constantly upgraded. We lay complete emphasis on the integration of the two for the best results. Our team works endlessly in effort of improving the level of quality and efficacy of the system.

Growth is a way of life with us and our constant endeavor is to strive to expand our capabilities to encompass the changing world, its needs, diversity and complexity!

Partnership, Professionalism, and Teamwork are words that describe the way we engage all our customers and manage each implementation. We welcome your questions, information needs and the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate how we can help your organization overcome challenges, too.