Wasted Time? Drowning in Paperwork? Shaking Fists at Screens?

Our solutions enable your agency, staff and those you service to answer "No more!"

Our Framework is the Foundation

Providing a secure, controlled and efficient business environment for your enterprise.

inLumon's unique and highly adaptable Licensing System framework is an integrated, comprehensive Licensing, Permitting, Certification software solution allowing your agency to receive the benefits of a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product—such as proven components, faster implementation schedules, and risk reduction—along with the flexibility of a customized and configurable solution. Our Framework includes web portals for your staff, constituents, business partners and the public, along with an easy to use adhoc query tool, reporting engine and other components incorporating a modern and intuitive user interface. By combining these components in a modern architecture that also empowers you to accommodate anticipated, and business process changes inherent in application, inLumon provides a total business solution spanning the lifecycle of your regulatory processes, including custom workflows, integrated multi-level security, document and correspondence management, automated notifications, full audit and logging, secure interfaces and more.

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Inspections A La Carte

Use our cost-effective Inspection App to accelerate your operations.

Agencies, licensing board and commissions conducting activities in the field including inspections, surveys, investigations, audits, etc. can benefit from increased efficiency, thoroughness and accuracy. inLumon's Inspection App can be deployed either within our Licensing Framework or as a standalone application for use in conjunction with your agency's existing database system.

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